Qubuntu-0-3-Alpha Released

Finally, Qubuntu's First Alpha For Release

This release is _just_ stable enough for people to get a good look at the up and coming Linux in a Windows application! Please remember that this is very early work. The 0-4-Alpha is already well under way with file Host/Guest file sharing, better screen resolution control and a bunch of other features.

Download Here (bandwidth limited - if you are asked to try again, it is nothing personal!

Installation Instructions

The file you download is not an installer. It is a self extracting executable. It was created with the free and open source 7zip utility www.7zip.org. You can run it and choose where to unpack to contents. You will require around 3 Gig of space (remember - this is a fully populated virtual machine, with loads of pre-installed applications).

Once you have unpacked Qubuntu, you ran run it straight away. There is no real need to install anything. However, unless you are running on a fiendishly powerful machine, you might find it a bit slow. This is because, without any installation, it runs as an emulator. That means that every thing Qubuntu does has to be converted via a program before it can actually execute on your computer. This makes it run about 5 times slower than a native program.

I highly recommend installing the Kqemu virtualizer. This is a very small program which does not install loads of interfaces and other stuff (like VMWare does for example). All it does is install a small .sys file onto your computer that speeds up Qubuntu massively. If you want to remove Kqemu, just go to its entry in the 'All Programs' list and click 'uninstall'. To install Kqemu, you just run the 'Install.exe' program in your new Qubuntu folder.

To run Qubuntu, just run (double click on from Explorer) the Run-Qubuntu.bat in the install folder.

Release Notes:

  1. There seems to be a problem running this release on 64 bit machines. I believe I have a fix for this. If anyone finds it crashes out with a stack trace running on a 64 bit machine, please send more the stack trace :)
  2. More on 64Bit, it might be the case that if you replace qemu.exe in the bin directory, with this one qemu.exe (1.6 MBytes only) then it will work. I need to set up an emulated Windows-86_64 machine to test it, if anyone has native Windows64 let me know if it works please.
  3. It looks like Andy has gotten somewhere with the 64Bit issue. It is in the kernel accelerator. In user space acceleration only, it works:
    Hi Alex, 
    Good news! No joy with the standard batch file; this is what I get if I
    unpack the standard version of Qubuntu 0.3 Alpha then overwrite Qemu with
    the new 64 bit version:
    But then if I removed that -kernel-kqemu parameter, all works fine:
    I must admit, it's a little sluggish right now but I will have a play with
    it next week and see if it settles down. 
    Best wishes, 
  4. VISTA: It does appear to run just fine on Vista, but you may have to run it with heightened privileges. I don't have a Vista machine to test with, but a friend (Ian Manson) has managed to get it to run, and he helped craft the current Run-Qubuntu.bat file so that it can be run as admin OK - tnx!
  5. For discussion on Qubuntu - please go to http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/nerds-central